How to Donate

We appreciate your interest in supporting Unitus Labs’ charitable efforts to reduce global poverty through economic self-empowerment.

New Unitus Projects

In 2011, Unitus Labs launched two new initiatives for reducing global poverty:

  • Unitus Impact: Creating Livelihood Opportunities.  Unitus Impact (see below) is identifying and backing entrepreneurs who are creating new, breakthrough opportunities for poor women and men to significantly increase their earning capacity. We are excited about the entrepreneurs we’ve already met who have big ambitions and strong operational skillsets with potential to provide opportunity to millions of those battling poverty. Read more >
  • Unitus Ventures (formerly Unitus Seed Fund): Seed Investing for Impact. Unitus Ventures (formerly Unitus Seed Fund) (see below) is a new investment fund which invests in very early-stage startups which have potential for improving the lives of large numbers of people who live at the base of the economic pyramid. The team has already found some great entrepreneurs and have made their first few investments in India. Read more >

See all of Unitus Labs’ current and historical projects >

Partnering with Investors

To implement our Creating Livelihood Opportunities initiative, we are partnering with Unitus Impact Partners, an independent impact investment firm setup in 2011 to achieve our goals. Unitus Impact is seeking to demonstrate the commercial viability of this poverty-alleviation approach.

To implement our Seed Investing for Impact initiative, we are partnering with Unitus Seed Partners, a new independent impact investment firm setup in 2012 to scale-up a pilot project Unitus Labs incubated over the previous year.

While Unitus Labs Board Members have no opportunity for personal gain, Unitus Impact Partners and Unitus Seed Partners will be raising and investing money from investors who are also interested in a “double bottom line” of poverty impact and financial returns.

Gifts for operations are leveraged

Your gift will be used to support our general operations which includes rent, utilities, travel, salaries, bookkeeping, etc. in order to enable us to do this work.  This enables us to nurture high potential social entrepreneurs in early stages until they are able to demonstrate their viability and attract investment from commercial sources that are needed for larger scale growth. In this way, we leverage your gift and accelerate access to economic opportunities for those living at the base of the economic pyramid.

Donation instructions

Donate by Paypal or credit/debit card


Donate by check

Write checks to “Unitus Labs” and mail them to the following address:

Unitus Labs
435 S 660 W
Orem, UT 84058-6078

Unitus Labs (formerly called Unitus, Inc.) is a USA 501(c)(3) non-profit.