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Here are a quick few background facts on Unitus Labs (formerly called Unitus, Inc.), a 501(c)(3) non-profit. For info on the Unitus family of entities, see


Reduce global poverty through economic self-empowerment


Unitus Labs has offices in Seattle, USA and Bangalore, India

What We Do

Unitus Labs identifies and fund innovative approaches which provide income-generating opportunities for millions of very low-income people in developing countries to earn their way to a better economic future. Unitus Labs is best known for its innovative Microfinance Acceleration project. Unitus Labs’s current major investment initiatives are Creating Livelihood Opportunities and Unitus Ventures (formerly Unitus Seed Fund). See all Unitus Labs projects >

Where We Work

Unitus Labs has operated in India, Southeast Asia, China, Latin/South America and Sub-Saharan Africa

Historical Unitus Effect

Unitus Labs microfinance partners have scaled up dramatically since our involvement.

Unitus Family of Entities

Unitus Labs 501(c)(3) was founded in 2001. 
Unitus Equity Fund was setup in 2006.
Unitus Capital was spun-out in 2008.
Elevar Equity took over management of Unitus Equity Fund in 2009.
Unitus Impact was setup in 2011.
Unitus Ventures (formerly Unitus Seed Fund) was setup in late 2011.

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