Technology-Based Risk Management Framework

Mimo Finance has developed a technology-based risk management framework design to help MFIs to better assess business risks in a timely manner

This is part of the Unitus Labs’ India Microfinance Innovations initiative

Mimo spent 6 months with risk management experts diagnosing and conducting a risk health check across their organization, with a goal of building strong systems-driven risk management culture. The project showed that MFIs need to have better control over their data, and that further analytics is needed to identify customer specific risks. Moreover, dedicated staff are required for risk management positions without department overlaps and processes need to be created to capture ad hoc information at the field level. A major challenge faced during this project was communicating the benefits of such an exercise across the organization, since discussions were often construed as intrusive in nature.

The Data Warehousing Institute Maturity Model used in this exercise can help other small and medium microfinance organizations to benchmark themselves against industry standards, and bridge specific risks pertinent to their organization.

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Download Enabling a Formal Risk Management at Microfinance Institutions (PDF – 200KB)

Download Risk Health Check (PDF – 2MB)

Download Business Intelligence and CRM Health Check (PDF 1MB)

Download Cash Risk Management Tool Screenshots (PDF 2MB)

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