Ultra Poor News

Opinions about Sorenson-Unitus Ultra Poor Initiative projects:

Too Poor to Earn? Changing Assumptions About the Ultra Poor

from Stanford Social Innovation Review (27 Dec 2011)

Jobs Not Handouts Help the Very Poorest

from Wall Street Journal (17 Nov 2011)

Lessons Learned, Using Livelihoods to Combat Urban Poverty

from Next Billion (9 Nov 2011)

Vaaradhi: An Urban Ultra Poor Intervention

from Searchlight South Asia (20 Oct 2011)

Targeting the Urban Ultra Poor: Taking The Road Less Travelled

from Next Billion (7 Sept 2011)

Strategies for ultra poor selection and the future of reaching the very bottom of the economic pyramid

from Think Change India (21 Aug 2011)

Targeting the Ultra Poor: The Sustainable Agriculture Puzzle in India’s Most-Destitute State

from Next Billion (16 Dec 2010)

Targeting the Ultra Poor: When Microcredit Isn’t the First Step

from Next Billion (26 Jun 2010)


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