Ultra Poor Resources

Here are some additional online resources for ultra poor. Also, see Ultra Poor FAQ >

When Microcredit Isn’t the First Step (NextBillion)

Gutta’s summary on ultra poor challenges and incompatibility for microcredit

Introducing the ultra poor (CGAP, 2006)

Hashemi’s 2006 CGAP paper on safety net programs and the ultra poor

Lessons from the safety net model (CGAP, 2011)

Hashemi and de Montesquiou provide updated lessons from the safety net model

Crafting the BRAC safety net model (CPRC, 2008)

Matin, Sulaiman, and Rabbani share lessons and evidence from the BRAC program

Graduation models worldwide (CGAP)

Snapshot of the BRAC replicators throughout the world

Microcredit and the ultra poor (The New School, 2008)

Thornton examines the ability of microcredit to help the ultra poor

Making microfinance work for the poorest (ADB, 2008)

Sulaiman and Matin explore making microfinance work for the ultra poor

Lessons from an ultra poor pilot in India (IDS Bulletin, 2010)

Huda looks at the SKS BRAC replicator and lessons for ultra poor programs in India

News & information about ultra poor programs (CGAP, ongoing)

de Montesquiou curates a blog highlighting various ultra poor programs and their findings

Sorenson-Unitus Ultra Poor Initiative Project Page >