Predible Health, AI Powered Cancer Radiology Platform Raises Investment from Unitus Ventures (formerly Unitus Seed Fund)

March 1, 2018 Posted by Press Release, Unitus Ventures

Predible Health aims to do about ~500 million scans by December 2020 to bring unmatched accuracy to diagnosis and treatment of these cancers

1 March 2018, Bengaluru. Unitus Ventures (formerly Unitus Seed Fund), India’s leading impact venture fund investing in early-stage startups innovating for the masses, today announced an investment in Predible Health, an AI powered cancer radiology platform.

Predible Health is powering the future of cancer diagnosis through its AI-powered clinical applications for liver and lung cancers, that enable radiologists to interpret images with superior accuracy and faster speed. Its cutting-edge algorithms unlock deep, hidden insights that aid physicians to characterize diseases, plan and deliver personalized treatment.

“Unitus’ funding will enable Predible to scale the development of our cancer AI platform as well as invest in regulatory approvals for our existing products. Our clinical validation studies are displaying positive results; we are now working to bring our offerings into clinical practice,”said Suthirth Vaidya, Chief Executive Officer, Predible Health.

Predible Health – Providing Effective Diagnosis Solutions for Liver and Lung Cancer Patients

India is projected to have an alarming ~1.7 million cancer patients by 2020. However, with an inadequate radiologists serving a population of more than a billion, there is a severe shortage of trained radiologists. Further, due to lack of robust tools in India’s healthcare market, radiology images are interpreted subjectively, often leading to ineffective diagnosis and treatment.

Predible is applying AI to medical imaging, enabling quicker delivery of care with increased accuracy by building patient-centric, organ-specific cancer care workflows that empower clinicians to understand the disease comprehensively. The results will significantly aid radiologists and oncologists to plan personalised, thus effective treatments.

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