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Surprising results with homeless pilot in Chennai

March 26, 2012 Update

Unitus Labs has published the fifth and final case study from the Sorenson-Unitus Ultra Poor Initiative, a report that explores how the Equitas Bird’s Nest pilot was able to successfully stabilize housing for extremely poor homeless families in Chennai, India. Equitas Development Initiatives Trust (EDIT) launched the program in 2009 with a simple premise –… Read more >

Self-reliance realized for isolated tribal villagers in India

January 23, 2012 Update

Unitus Labs publishes new in-depth case study report on SKS NGO ultra poor program in Orissa, India.  Report describes new tools developed to overcome physical, cultural obstacles of working with isolated ultra poor communities. Looking beyond progress made during an ultra poor intervention, the success of an ultra poor program must also be judged by… Read more >

Early introduction of livelihoods found to be critical factor in moving large numbers out of extreme poverty

October 14, 2011 Update

For years, ultra poor interventions built around subsidies and skill-building activities have helped to move households living below the extreme poverty line toward some productive activity or eligibility for microfinance schemes. For all their individual successes, these interventions have also struggled with high cost-per-beneficiary and an inability to sustain programs after donor funds run out.… Read more >

New Kriti ultra poor case study offers insights on livelihood development

September 9, 2011 Update

With higher cost of living and little access to arable land, ultra poor households in urban areas face very different obstacles than their rural counterparts. To respond to these needs, in 2009 Hyderabad-based Kriti Social Initiatives joined the Sorenson-Unitus Ultra Poor Initiative to pilot a program that paired livelihood development with cost-effective provision of basic… Read more >

New UPna sapna ultra-poor case study highlights 9 key learnings

August 12, 2011 Update

UPna sapna case study finds new strategies for selecting and enrolling ultra poor households in programs to promote self-reliance Unitus Labs today released its first Sorenson-Unitus Ultra Poor Initiative case study which explores the Jharkhand, India-based UPna sapna project experience researching more scalable ways to provide opportunities for families to lift themselves out of extreme poverty. The case… Read more >

When Microcredit Isn’t the First Step

June 28, 2010 Media Exposure

By Sriram Gutta The microfinance movement has had great success in reaching over 150 million poor and low-income households worldwide. Yet, for nearly 1 billion people living under $1/day, microcredit is not the best first step. This group lives in the deepest and most profound levels of poverty and has little reason to believe that their… Read more >

Partner Spotlight: Paul Luchtenberg of AMK

May 1, 2010 Update

In 2008, Unitus partnered with Angkor Microfinance Kampuchea (AMK), an MFI working in rural Cambodia to provide financial services to low-income households. Led by CEO Paul Luchtenberg, AMK is widely recognized for their social mission and was one of the first organizations to receive the Social Performance Reporting Award in 2009. Unitus sat down with Paul… Read more >

Empowering the “Ultra Poor”

March 1, 2009 Update

We speak often about microfinance being a proven method for alleviating poverty. And it’s true. Microfinance is an incredible tool for helping the poor work their way to a life of sustainability, opportunity, and ultimately, economic self-empowerment. But it doesn’t work for all. For those living at the very bottom of the economic pyramid—those we… Read more >