Third-Year “Social Capitalist Award” Win for Unitus

February 1, 2008 Posted by Update

For the third year in a row, Fast Company magazine and Monitor Group announced that Unitus has won a Social Capitalist Award

The 2008 awards feature 45 nonprofits who use the tools of business to solve the world’s most pressing social problems—ranging from poor healthcare in developing nations to unequal education access, homelessness, unemployment and substance abuse in the United States—and who have demonstrated a consistent and unusually large impact on society.

“This year we’ve seen an explosion of diverse experiments, many of them engineered by onetime Wall Street heavies, that attempt to bring new capital—and capital-market dynamics—to the realm of social good,” said Fast Company Contributing Writer Keith Hammonds. “Through these deals, social entrepreneurs and businesses are raising the stakes, creating both business and social impact, and changing old-style capitalism as we know it.”

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