Q: What is Unitus Labs?

Unitus Labs is a USA 501(c)(3) non-profit which focuses on reducing global poverty through economic self-empowerment.

Q: What does Unitus Labs do?

Unitus Labs funds research and the early-stage development of ideas which have the potential to reduce poverty for millions of people battling poverty in developing countries. Unitus Labs also manages the strategic direction of the Unitus family. More about Unitus Labs projects >

Q: What is Unitus Labs currently focused on?

Unitus Labs’ current focus projects are:

Q: How can I help Unitus Labs with its mission?

Donate to Unitus Labs to help cover Unitus Labs’ operational costs.

Follow and promote Unitus Family news and activities on Facebook and Twitter.

Q: How is Unitus Labs related to Unitus Impact, Unitus Capital and Unitus Equity Fund?

Learn more about the Unitus Family at unitus.com >