Unitus on Huffington Post

January 28, 2009 Posted by Media Exposure

Unitus Featured on Huffington Post as “Leading Pioneer of the Latest Phase in Microfinance”

From the post, By the People, for the People: Microfinance Offers the “Transformative Vision” Davos is Seeking, by Alex Raskin:

“When the World Economic Summit convened today in Davos — an Alpine resort nestled in the cozy and romantic confines of Switzerland’s Sertig Valley — reporters such as the Wall Street Journal‘s Marc Champion pronounced it “more wracked with self-doubt” that at any time in its 38-year history.

Among the top, as yet unanswered questions are, as Champion put it, “What will provide [future] growth?,” and as the summit’s chairman and founder, Klaus Schwab, asked, Where should leaders look to find a new “transformative vision for international finance”?

The answer to the last question seems to me to be obvious, even though it’s admittedly in one of the last places mainstream economists would have looked before the crash: to microfinance.”

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