Alumni Staff Yearbook

Unitus Labs is sincerely thankful for the amazing talents, passion and energies of our staff.  We could not have achieved what we have done in microfinance acceleration and other innovative initiatives without you.
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What I’m most proud of accomplishing at Unitus…

Ed Bland
President & COO

* Helping some of the world’s best social entrepreneurs scale-up,
* Launching a social performance management (SPM) practice,
* Launching an ultra-poor program,
* Piloting an East Africa Growth Centre,
* Working with such inspiring MFIs and our great Unitus staff!

Howard Brady
Director of Microfinance
2002 – 2007

* Implemented capacity building activities (personally and through staff supervision) with Unitus partners in Mexico, Kenya, and India, which resulted in annual sustained growth of 100% – 300%.
* Researched, analyzed, and recommended MIS and MIS related improvements to MFIs in Latin America and Southeast Asia. One solution resulted in 80% time savings in processing daily loan transactions.
* Directed partner selection criteria creation and implemented it with all the first 13 Unitus partners.
* Presented partner results, successes, and challenges at quarterly Unitus board meetings..
* Made sure that there was ample Diet Coke in the fridge.

Kylie Charlton
Vice President, Global Capital Markets

Building the capital markets team which initiated and led to increase capital for Unitus MFI Partners and formed the foundation of the launch of Unitus Capital.

Geoff Davis

Being a part of the team that made history by commercializing and accelerating microfinance.
Helping 15 million families (60 million people) get access to microfinance and changing the industry forever.

Jeff Engler
Selection Associate

Helping Unitus expand into Africa.

Vikas Jhunjhunwala
Senior Manager, IS Consulting

Helping start the India office as well as the technology consulting practice

Shashwat Mody
Manager, Operations Advisory
2007 – 2011

Working with some of the smartest and passionate minds, to steer microfinance towards financial viability and greater outreach. It was an honor working with low-income clients to address their needs through targeted financial products and livelihood services, and with social entrepreneurs across Africa, India and SE Asia to define their organizational strategy, and subsequently, to execute high-impact projects across several verticals in their firms.

Eric Savage
VP/Managing Director, Asian Capital Markets

* Helped Unitus’ Asian partners access critical growth capital and think through their strategic capital needs.
* Helped lead the development, formation, creation and fundraising for Unitus Capital which has raised over $550 million for various amazing social enterprises in Asia.

Dave Schappell
VP Marketing and Fundraising

During my 14 months we more than tripled our online traffic, subscribers and donor base. Coordinated “Innovative Solutions to Global Poverty” rebranding campaign with integrated website, blog and print collateral. Raised visibility with target donor demographic by submitting and winning:
* National – Fast Company’s 2006 and 2007 Social Capitalist Awards; Clinton Global Initiative 2005 commendation.
* Regional – Ernst & Young’s 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year Award; Seattle Metropolitan’s 2006 Best Place to Work

Gazal Vishwanath
HR Practice Manager

I am proud that we managed to create a platform for micro finance industry in India where the HR professionals could discuss the HR challenges they are facing, support and learn from each other and find solutions for their problems.